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Acquaforce Plumbing and Heating

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The Central Heating system is very important as it delivers hot water on demand and makes your home warm and comfortable during those winter months, .

The Boiler is the Heart of the system and needs a yearly Service to ensure it is running efficiently, and also that it is safe to use.

The new A rated modern condensing boiler can give you 97% efficiency

and can cut your yearly gas bill on avarege by a third.


If your boiler is 10 years +, its safe to assume it is  a gas gussler and is wasting your gas and costing you money needlessly.


Acquaforce can upgrade your existing heating system by replacing your old boiler with a high efficiency boiler, and installing modern controls.

Before a new boiler is installed we recommended the old pipe system and radiators are power flushed. 

This is done by a flushing machine and the use of cleaning chemicals.

This process makes sure the system is free of rust and sludge and will ensure the system runs at its maximum efficiency. 

A magnetic filter also installed in the new system will keep the circulating water clean at all times. 


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